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Join Pillar at ESHG 2019

Join Pillar at ESHG 2019

June 4, 2019 by

Event date: June 15-18, 2019

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Join Pillar Biosciences at
ESHG’s 52nd European Human Genetics Conference

Pillar® NGS assays deliver powerful genomic insight for solid tumors, blood cancers and liquid biopsies. Schedule a meeting at ESHG or visit booth 424 to get a closer look at the technology and applications.

Robust myeloid assay

Learn about the Pillar ONCO/Reveal™ Myeloid Panel, which interrogates 58 genes of interest to detect mutations most relevant to myeloid cancer, including FLT3 internal tandem duplications (ITDs) and CEBPA mutations.

Streamlined library prep

See how SLIMamp® chemistry uses single-tube amplification to provide effective and economical NGS library preparation without time-consuming ligation steps; SLIMamp is at the center of all Pillar solid tumor, blood cancer, liquid biopsy and custom NGS panels.

Customized NGS

Find out how Pillar can help you craft a senstive and robust NGS panel that meets your specific genomic requirements.