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Introducing Pillar Biosciences’ ‘The Pillar Post’ blog

Introducing Pillar Biosciences’ ‘The Pillar Post’ blog

February 26, 2018 by Dale Yuzuki

Making not only clinical oncology NGS accessible, but also information around it

You are a clinical laboratory director responsible for the operations of a modern molecular pathology laboratory. This includes using next-generation sequencing to characterize individual patient samples to tailor individual treatment. Your work and profession have immediate impact on improving health, and you have adjusted to the increasingly rapid changes in molecular diagnostics.

Along with the accelerating rate of change in this space has been a shift in the trusted sources for information. In addition to the traditional knowledge sources (primary literature, the advice of peers, or professional associations), online sources, whether through internet search or social media, have become a mainstay in the continuing education of professionals like yourself.

The Pillar Post blog delivers relevant content to your fingertips to make information gathering easy. We will focus on the topics that interest the clinical oncology molecular diagnostics laboratory utilizing next-generation sequencing (NGS) for characterization of genomic variation in cancer. Given that Precision Medicine has arrived to the clinical laboratory, our aim is to support laboratory professionals providing sophisticated assays and informatics that empower individualized, personalized and precise healthcare based on an individual’s own genetic makeup.

At the Pillar Post, we will focus on news that affects routine clinical oncology testing, comment on regulatory issues and decisions, bring to your attention important journal articles relevant to your work, and explore some of the outstanding issues in the rapidly-changing world of genetic analysis.

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