PiVAT Bioinformatics Analysis

PiVAT: Integrated Bioinformatics Analysis Pipeline

Pillar introduces a flexible variant analysis bioinformatics pipeline called PiVAT (Pillar Variant Analysis Toolkit) which can be deployed locally or in the cloud.
PiVAT is optimized with the SLIMamp chemistry to deliver outstanding sensitivity and specificy when variant calling, and providing high quality results with valuable scarce samples.
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  • PiVAT optimized for both speed and performance
  • Standard BAM and alternate PBAM alignment file output
  • Comprehensive data tables (with summaries) as CSV files
  • HGVS variant annotations provided

PiVAT™ Bioinformatic Analysis Pipeline

Enabling high variant-calling accuracy
  Pillar Biosciences PiVAT informatics workflow uses standard file output for high-quality NGS results  

*PiVAT BAM (PBAM) is an alternate BAM file produced by PiVAT that takes the existing BWA-MEM-aligned file and does additional local realignment and read assembly to produce an improved binary alignment file. This file is then used by PiVAT for quality-weighted and noise-weighted variant calling, in addition to proprietary variant selection using heuristic methods to produce a high quality Variant Call File (VCF) in the standard format. This processing is done efficiently and quickly, without a penalty in computing speed or processing power required.

FPO Indels Chart

From 39 samples, 19 unique indels were identified between both the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Of the variants detected, no false positives or negatives were found present after analysis.