ONCO/Reveal TP53 Panel

The ONCO/Reveal TP53 Panel covers the entire CDS of TP53 tumor suppressor gene. The panel uses proprietary Stem-Loop Inhibition-Mediated amplification (SLIMamp®) technology for efficient single-tube target enrichment.


  • Requires as little as 5ng input DNA, even from poor-quality samples
  • Detect down to 1% allele frequency
  • Single-tube amplification technology for easy workflow
  • Automatable sample preparation
ONCO/Reveal TP53 Panel Attributes 
Enrichment chemistry Multiplex PCR using tiled amplicons
Number of pools 1 pool
Number of genes/amplicons 1/19
Number of targets Full CDS plus 10bp flanking introns; 2.1k total bases covered
Variant types SNVs, small and medium indels
Average amplicon size 149bp (138bp-180bp range)
Input DNA range 5ng to 50ng
Sample types DNA from tissue or blood; FFPE
Mapping rate 95.9% ± 2.1%
% on-target aligned reads 94.0% ± 3.3%
Coverage uniformity (% targets with >0.2X mean coverage) 100%
Total assay time (from DNA to sequencer) <8 hours
Sequencing platforms Illumina®; assay is coming soon for MGISEQ™ and Ion Torrent™ platforms