ONCO/Reveal Lung Fusion RNA Panel

The ONCO/Reveal Lung Fusion RNA Panel is a robust NGS assay that interrogates multiple gene rearrangement regions of interest* across non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) samples. The assay uses proprietary Stem-Loop Inhibition-Mediated amplification (SLIMamp®) technology, a tiled amplicon-based library prep chemistry for efficient single-tube target enrichment.


  • Requires as little as 10ng of input DNA, even from samples of poor quality
  • Single-well amplification technology for enhanced sensitivity
  • Automatable sample processing
Lung Fusion RNA Panel Target Fusions
Kinase (exon) Partner gene (exon)
ALK(19,20) CLTC(31), EML4(2,3,6,13,14,15,17,18,20), HIP1(21,28,30), KIF5B(15,17,24), KLC1(9), MSN(11), STRN(3), TGF(4,5,6), TPM3(8), TPR(15)
FGFR3(17,18) TACC3(4,8,9,10,11)
NRG1(4,6) CD74(6,8), SLC3A2(2,5), VAMP2(4)
NTRK1(10,12,13) CD74(3,8), MPRIP(14,18,21), TGF(5), TPM3(8), TPR(6,21)
RET(8,11,12) CCDC6(1), CUX1(10), KIF5B(15,16,22,23,24), NCOA4(7), TRIM33(11,14)
ROS1(32,34,35,36) CCDC6(5), CD74(6), CLTC(31), EZR(10), GOPC(4,8), LRIG3(16), MSN(9), SDC4(2,4), SLC34A2(4,13), TGF(4), TPM3(8)
MET(15) KIF5B(24)
MET exon 14 skipping

*Panel content was designed in accordance with the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) guidelines and incorporates guidance from multiple hematologists.